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If you own a restaurant in San Francisco, CA – – sign up now for our FREE mobile marketing training! For a limited time only, San Francisco restaurant owners can learn how SMS marketing can bring in customers and drive profits – start today!

Restaurant owners all across San Francisco are jumping into text message marketing! For restaurants like yours, building relationships with your customers through text messaging is a great way to fill seats and turn tables on even the slowest of nights! Watch today and start learning – for free!

Text messages have a 90% read rate and a 25% response rate – these are exponentially higher than any other advertising medium! It’s a no-brainer – what mobile marketing method should you be using if you own a restaurant? Text message marketing! San Francisco business owners are learning valuable tips from our free training!

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Restaurant SMS marketing is booming! Our free training will show you how to use this low-cost, high-response tool to bring in business on slow nights and keep existing customers returning and referring new business your way!

We’ll show you all you need to know about restaurant mobile marketing. San Francisco restaurant owners – watch now for free and learn all about:
  • Mobile Websites – why you need one now!
  • Mobile App Development – how you can use this popular tool to easily drive business!
  • SMS Marketing – what you can do to build an interactive relationship with your customers!
Does Text Message Marketing for Restaurants Really Work?

In a word – absolutely! If you want the best ROI for your advertising dollar, you must try restaurant mobile marketing. San Francisco restaurant and franchise owners are using restaurant SMS marketing and seeing success like:

  • One franchise owner of several chain-type establishments sends out mobile coupons via SMS marketing all over San Francisco and the metro CA area – they are seeing a 10% mobile coupon redemption rate – while their paper coupons in flyers and newspaper ads usually only scores a 1% rate!
  • A pizza parlor ran a SMS marketing based contest where texting in a code enrolled them in the restaurant’s database and made them eligible for a drawing for a free pizza each month for a year and a bevy of mobile coupons for runners-up. They had more than 3,000 entrants and generated thousands in extra business within 7 days of launching the contest.
  •  One San Francisco, CA Greek/Italian restaurant launched a text to win contest to build their database of customers enrolled for text message marketing. For restaurants like theirs, this low cost promotion is one of the best uses of advertising dollars. They increased their database by 2.400 customers and saw an increase in sales on their slowest nights.


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Our free training course on SMS marketing will teach you the basics of restaurant mobile marketing. San Francisco restaurant owners can enjoy this course for free for a limited time! With 90% open rates, one of the best marketing campaigns you can invest in is restaurant text message marketing. San Francisco restaurant owners who have tried our training course agree!

If You Text It, They Will Come!

Restaurant SMS marketing is 10 times more effective than a newspaper ad and 5 times more effective than direct mail. Best of all, you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to launch a campaign using restaurant mobile marketing. San Francisco has more smart phones than people – and they are ready to read your texts.

Restaurant SMS marketing is so effective because a message sent to your phone feels important and it feels personal – you can’t ignore it – you want to read it. Postcards and flyers are easy to toss in the trash but a digital message is hard to ignore and that’s why text message marketing for restaurants is so powerful.

As consumers, we have become immune to sales flyers in our mailbox or car windshield and are schooled to ignore junk mail in our email – and a good portion of it doesn’t even get past the spam filter. That’s what’s so effective about restaurant text message marketing – San Francisco eateries are learning to use restaurant SMS marketing to reach out in a personal way direct to their customers to build a relationship that will bring them back again and again!

SMS Marketing – Eco-Friendly and Effective!

In San Francisco and all over CA, the environment is a priority – for business owners and their customers. You can encourage customers to sign up for your text messaging promotions by promoting the green-ness of them! Not only does text message marketing for restaurants have a remarkably high ROI but it also creates no pollution, no paper waste and doesn’t leave a carbon footprint.


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Your customers will be glad to know you are taking care of the environment while taking care of business!

“I run a food truck that moves around town. Because I’m not in a fixed spot, I was really curious about restaurant mobile marketing. San Francisco is a competitive market for a business like mine, so any advantage I can get is a huge bonus. I found and watched your training videos for restaurant text message marketing. San Francisco is a big place and I needed my customers to be able to find me. I learned how I can alert my regulars to my location and send out mobile coupons to bring people in. Thanks for sharing these great tips!”
Davie – All Over San Francisco, CA
“My donut shop has had its ups and downs over the past decade and I was on a down when I saw your video course. I had never really heard of restaurant text message marketing. San Francisco has grown more and more techno-crazy in the past few years, so I saw immediately how smart a mobile strategy could be. I feel armed now – thanks to your videos. I got my teenager to set up my mobile website and next I’m launching a text message program – if my customers text me to join my list, they’ll get a buy one get one discount or a free donut hole. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m really excited. Thanks!”
Janine – Golden Gate Heights
If you own a restaurant in San Francisco, take advantage of our free video training today – we will teach you the ABCs of mobile marketing and advanced strategies to help grow your business through text message marketing, mobile websites and more! Try it now – for FREE – for San Francisco restaurant owners!


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