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Attention restaurant and nightclub owners – – our nightclub mobile marketing training is FREE for you today! For a short time this highly effective program can show you how to use mobile marketing for bars in San Francisco! Get started now – for free!

The nightclub and bar industry in CA is geared to younger adults who are all about the digital experience and always have a smart phone in hand. Our bar mobile marketing training will show you how to put your brand in their hand through mobile websites, mobile apps and text message marketing. Start watching now and learn for free how to leverage the mobile marketing wave through mobile website development and mobile apps development.


 San Francisco Mobile Marketing for Bars


Did you know that in CA 65% of adults send and receive text messages? This statistic grows the younger the adult. This makes text message marketing and mobile website marketing and indispensable part of mobile marketing for bars in San Francisco. If you do not have a digital presence, you need to get started today with nightclub mobile marketing. San Francisco, CA has a bevy of bars and nightclubs to choose from – how are you carving out your share of this market? A great way to start is mobile website design!

Our free video course will teach you:
  • Nightclub mobile marketing
  • Bar mobile marketing
  • How to make a mobile website – including elements of mobile website design
  • How to choose a mobile marketing platform
  • Tips for mobile apps development – including how to find a mobile apps developer
  • What’s an SMS gateway and why you need one
  • All this and more to start learning nightclub mobile marketing. San Francisco club-goers want to find you – learn how today!
How Effective – Really – is Mobile Marketing for Bars in San Francisco?

Text messages have a greater than 90% read rate making text message marketing one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. All you need is an SMS gateway, a mobile marketing platform and a concept to promote and you are ready to roll!


Nightclub SMS Marketing San Francisco


Here’s some ways bar mobile marketing is being used in CA to bring in paying customers:
  • Text message marketing: Text to win a VIP table or priority entry to your club with no waiting – all you need is an SMS gateway and you’re ready
  • QR codes: Scan a QR code sticker on a micro-brew bottle to learn the tale behind the ale
  • Mobile apps: Play a game to create a signature cocktail and enter it into a contest to be featured in your bar – a mobile apps developer can brainstorm with you on ideas to fit your club niche

Mobile website development on a mobile marketing platform is the first step in nightclub mobile marketing. San Francisco club-goers prefer digital interaction – it’s easy and they can do it on the go. After you have mobile websites, consider trying mobile apps. San Francisco clubbers are eager for a gamification experience – where you provide them with an entertaining experience on their smart phone and they respond with patronage of your bar. Mobile marketing is the preferred method for reaching your target consumer.



For any nightclub, mobile marketing allows you to maintain and increase your pool of customers. Tools such as mobile apps, mobile websites and QR codes are rapidly becoming the industry standard for top-tier promotions.

Our free video training is specifically designed for mobile marketing for bars in San Francisco. We will show you the hottest trend in mobile apps San Francisco club-goers enjoy. We’ll teach you secrets for the best mobile website design, how to select a mobile marketing platform and SMS gateway and what to look for in a mobile apps developer. Get started today for FREE with our program for bar mobile marketing!

Are Mobile Website Marketing and Mobile Apps a Trend I Really Need to Bother With?

With iPhone and Android selling millions of phones a month and buyers eager to access digital content – yes – mobile marketing for bars in San Francisco may be a trend, but it’s a trend that’s growing and is proving to be lasting. Our free training will get you started with the basics of nightclub mobile marketing. San Francisco club-goers access information on their smart phones while on the go. They don’t have time to site at their laptop and look at your traditional website or your newspaper ads.

The preferred method to reach your target consumer is nightclub mobile marketing. San Francisco has bars galore and if yours isn’t engaged in mobile website marketing, your customer will go somewhere that is reaching out to them through QR codes and mobile apps. San Francisco is a hot market for mobile website development and mobile apps development – our free course will show you how to make a mobile website and more.


bars nightclub mobile marketing san francisco websites



One of the best things about mobile marketing is that you will know instantly what your ROI is. When you launch a text message promo using your SMS gateway, you’ll be able to track how many customers come in to redeem a virtual offer. When you launch a QR codes campaign, you’ll know right away how many clicks it’s getting.

Our free video training course will show you:?
  • What’s hot in mobile apps – San Francisco nightlife-specific – and how mobile apps development works including how to hire a top mobile apps developer
  • What’s trending in mobile website design, how to get started in mobile website development and how to make a mobile website for your business
  • How to select the best mobile marketing platform for your needs

What are you waiting for? CA clubgoers are looking for your bar or nightclub – are you reaching out to them using the digital medium they prefer? We’ll show you how to get started – for FREE – start now!

“Because we usually had a line out the door on weekends at our nightclub, mobile marketing wasn’t even on my radar. Recently though I noticed that a competing club was handing out flyers to waiting people who were then bailing in favor of the other club. I found your video training and decided to fight paper with digital and try nightclub mobile marketing. Now people who are waiting in line can text to get a mobile coupon for half-price entry or a free drink as a reward for waiting. I also link them to our mobile websites so they can see what’s going on inside – all the hot girls drinking and dancing – to encourage them the experience is worth the wait. This has cut way back on people abandoning our line by a huge amount. Next I’m launching mobile apps to promote bar events – thanks for the knowledge!”
Darius - SoMa
“I just inherited a bar from my uncle who’s retiring and am converting it from a watering hole for old timers to a hot spot for the under 30 set. I knew I needed a strategy for mobile website marketing, but wasn’t sure where to start, how to make a mobile website or any of it. Your free training course was exactly what I needed. I’m just a few weeks from the relaunch and I’ve got a mobile apps developer putting the final touches on an app to spread the word and a QR codes campaign driving potential customers to my mobile websites. My brand is spreading virally before I’ve even opened the doors. I can’t thank you enough!”
Seamus – Union Square
“My best friend owns a bar and needed a silent partner, so I threw in with him, but then saw that I couldn’t keep silent! They were in the dark ages when it came to their digital branding – no mobile website marketing – no mobile apps – no nothing. After I watched your free course, I decided to take over this area and once I learned how to make a mobile website from your videos, that’s where I started. I’ve got that done and it’s getting a lot of traffic – next I’m finding an SMS gateway so I can launch a text message marketing program. I’m really excited about the future and watching my investment grow.”
Lucy – Richmond District
Watch our free videos to learn all about mobile website design, mobile website development, mobile apps development and more for the CA bar owner including secrets of the top mobile apps. San Francisco night life is hot – our free training can show you how to make your digital profile hotter! Start today!



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