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For small businesses like yours, one way to get the most bang for your advertising buck is through mobile marketing. San Francisco has a plethora of smartphone users eager for content and interaction with small businesses just like yours. Watch our free training on mobile marketing – CA business owners act now!

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A 2011 Pew Research Center survey showed that 2/3 of Americans now connect to the web using a mobile device and that 82% of people never leave home without their smart phone – especially true in busy San Francisco, CA. Our free training can show you how to tap into this craze with programs such as text marketing.  San Francisco business owners are using this low-cost, high-results strategy to bring customers in droves.

With our free program, you can learn the tips and tricks of top mobile marketing companies! San Francisco has many a mobile marketing agency to choose from, but we can show you how to launch a mobile marketing program for yourself. Get started today!

How Does Mobile Marketing Drive Profits?

If you ask any mobile marketing agency, San Francisco is ripe for mobile ad strategies. VW had a very small ad budget for a limited model release and launched a racing app because it was cheap to develop – San Francisco smart phone consumers responded eagerly – downloads of the app increased test drives by 80%.


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Dry cleaners and service companies text customers that haven’t been in for awhile to invite them to stop by and send them a coupon offer to encourage patronage. These programs have a response rate of 20-50% because messages direct to mobile phones get read – much more so than emails for instance.

Mobile marketing is an intimate form of advertising that feels personal to the consumer – whether in San Francisco or in CA in general. It’s more personal than a TV or newspaper ad which are generic by nature. A message sent to a smart phone or a mobile website that’s developed specifically for the CA smart phone user feels intentional and familiar. Any mobile marketing agency will tell you this – and our free program will show you all this and more!

We’ll show you everything you need to know about mobile marketing – CA business owners only!

Your FREE Video Training Will Run the Gamut of Mobile Marketing Basics to Specific Strategies for Your Small Business Niche, including…
  • Mobile Websites
  • Text Message Marketing / SMS Marketing
  • Mobile Apps for Businesses


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This video training is free for a limited time – learn all about mobile marketing! CA small business owners, this offer is for you! Our course reveals secrets of the top mobile marketing companies – San Francisco specific strategies.

Training Video #1 – Text Message Marketing
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The best ROI is with text marketing. San Francisco business owners use this tool to build customer loyalty by texting mobile coupons, notifications of special events, appointment reminders, and menu and drink specials.

The Gartner Group says that by 2014 there will be over 1 billion smart phones sold per year. Smart phone owners have learned to appreciate mobile marketing. San Francisco and its metro areas have over a million smart phones users that are accustomed to receiving offers through text marketing.


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San Francisco small business owners have been able to leverage this low-cost marketing tactic with great success – text messages have a 91% open and read rate – dramatically higher than email read rates!

 Here are some examples of successful forays into text marketing. San Francisco small businesses have had success with:
  • A diner famous for its cinnamon rolls sends out weekly texts to regular customers alerting them when hot rolls are ready for pickup and are on a 2-for-1 sale. This caused a rush to the register on otherwise slow days!
  • A dry cleaner tracked which days their regular customers usually made drop offs. When she observed a missed drop off, she waited a couple of days then sent a text that said “Hi – We missed seeing you on Wednesday – hope we see you soon – don’t forget dress shirts are on sale this week for just $1.50!” This program has helped her retain customers she was losing to competitors!
  • A hot dog stand texts out B1G1 promos on its slowest day – Monday afternoon – and has turned its once slowest day into a high profit dog-fest. Now the owner is expanding his efforts to figuring out his slowest times of year and is developing, with a CA mobile marketing agency, a strategy to defeat his seasonal slump.

For a limited time, learn all you need to know about text marketing – San Francisco smart phone users want to hear from your small business! Get started today with our free training that will teach you secrets of top mobile marketing companies! San Francisco business owner-specific – give it a try before this free offer runs out!

Training Video #2 – Mobile Websites

CISCO reports in its annual report that by 2016 smartphone web traffic will have exceeded today’s level by 50 times! Smartphone users expect your small business to have a mobile website. We can teach you to set one up for yourself or you can seek out help from a mobile marketing agency. San Francisco smart phones users demand consumer interface via mobile marketing. CA business owners are responding to the demand and our training will bring you up to speed – for free!

Radio Ink magazine says developing a mobile website is an “imperative first step” for any business to survive in this increasingly digital marketplace. Read our Dudamobile Review to learn more about online mobile website builders.  Our free course will show you what matters most in a mobile website and how this ties into your overall strategy for mobile marketing. CA businesses, including your competitors, are launching thousands of mobile websites every day – how will you keep up?

  • Restaurants offer instant driving directions from their mobile sites as well as menu specials, promotions and more.
  • Bars list special theme nights, drink specials and featured entertainers as well as easy directions and maps on their sites.
  • Churches list service times, outreach programs and ministry contacts in a press to call format along with maps and other vital information.

Our free training is designed specifically for the small business owner in San Francisco, CA and its metro areas. We will show you for free what you would pay $1000s to learn from a mobile marketing agency. San Francisco is a booming market for mobile marketing – don’t miss out – start today with our free course!

Training Video #3 – Mobile Apps for Businesses

Mobile apps are in high demand – particularly free ones! Apple announced that last month 25 billion apps were downloaded and the Android market is seeing a download rate of 1 billion apps per month. You might think apps are only for big businesses that can afford help from mobile marketing companies. San Francisco small business owners are finding though, that you don’t need a mega-firm to help them.

Our free course reveals strategies used by many a top mobile marketing agency. San Francisco is prime for apps downloads such as –

  • A San Francisco chiropractor launched an appointment setter and reminder app for regular patients that has cut down on missed appointments by 68%
  • VW launched a low-budget app that increased test drives by over 80%
  • The owner of a chain of hot dog carts launched a game app that allowed you to dress a hot dog with your favorite toppings including crazy ones like peanuts and chocolate syrup – you score points playing the game until you earn a B1G1 mobile coupon – since the launch he’s had 50,000 downloads and 1000s of coupons earned and new customers gained!

Watch our free training to learn all about mobile marketing! San Francisco smart phone users are searching for you on the mobile web – do you have a presence? Whether you do it on your own or select from one of any of the local mobile marketing companies, San Francisco small businesses – including your competitors – are getting mobile – you need to catch up or miss out!


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“I consider myself very tech savvy – but I was overwhelmed by notion of mobile marketing. Through your training course, I learned the tricks mobile marketing agency want to teach me for big bucks. I already started laying out my mobile website and am working on an overall strategy for mobile marketing. San Francisco is a dog-eat-dog market for home renovators like me, so I’m so thankful I found your free course!”
Danny – Hayes Valley
“I’m in the holistic medicine field and have a dedicated customer base, but with the economy in a rut, I need to expand who I’m selling to. I interviewed a mobile marketing agency San Francisco Business Chronicle featured, but their rates were not in my budget. I came across your free training and was immediately hooked. I’ve watched all the videos twice and am hard at work on my mobile strategies – I’ll let you know how it goes.”
Jocelyn – Inner Sunset

Act now to access – for FREE – our video training on mobile marketing – San Francisco small business owners are taking advantage of this free training to learn how to reach more customers in more cost effective way to drive profits! Take advantage of our free offer – time is running out!


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